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Intended Parents

At Heart To Heart Donations, we realize finding a surrogate can be a very challenging journey, so we do everything we can to make the process as stress free as possible. We are proud of our personal service. Hands on from birth to match. Intended Parents and Surrogates can reach out to our staff at anytime by calling our cell phones.We understand a surrogate cycle is important to you so we make it personal. 

Our surrogacy process is explained below.



Once you sign up with our agency we start right away by providing you with a list of surrogate profiles, or we can search for the surrogate who fits you personally.  We take

  pride and care in making our matches and know that in some cases this may be a

relationship that last a lifetime





Heart To Heart Donations carefully screens our Surrogates. It includes several interviews  and we thoroughly educate our surrogates to the process, all before presenting their profile to you as a potential match.  We make sure that they know exactly what they are getting involved in, the highs and lows of this process and what exactly is expected of them. Once matched, Heart To Heart Donations start with setting up and coordinating the medical evaluation and psychological screenings; and initiating a criminal background check



Once we match you with a surrogate and you would like to move forward, we then coordinate the process between your clinic and the surrogate. This means making appointments and other arrangements with your clinic.


Once she is cleared to cycle we then refer you to legal representaion (if you do not have an attorney), to complete the legal agreeement between you and the Surrogate.


We continue to provide our services to both you and the surrogate by assisting with the health care, escrow account and other services needed as you move towards your cycle.Once the cycle begins, Heart To Heart stays an important part of the process during, and after the transfer. Heart To Heart stays involved through the pregnancy, and until birth.

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