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Intended Parent Process

 Intended Parents Timeline for a Surrogate Cycle

1. Register

The first step is to register with our agency as an Intended Parent. Once you register you will have access to our online Surrogate database.    

2. Selection

Once you review our Surrogate profiles, you will select a surrogate of your choice. If we do not have a Surrogate who matches your criteria, we can do a personal matching and find a Surrogate who meets your requirements.

2. Meeting

Once you select a Surrogate, Heart To Heart will coordinate a meeting between you and the Surrogate. If both parties agree, then it's a match.

4. Match

The Surrogate will have her first appointment with your clinic and will be cleared to cycle.

5. Legal

Both parties will then obtain legal consel to create an agreement. Heart To Heartwill refer you to reproductive law professionals to prepare the agreement.

  6.Health Care 

Heart To Heart will also assist you with obtaining health care insurance for their Surrogate if she does not have health care in place.



The Surrogate escrow account is funded. Heart To Hear will refer you to an experienced and trusted escrow company.

7. Escrow

8. Cycle

Your cycle begins as your clinic and Heart To Heart coordinate the cycle with your Surrogate. For the next 8 months Heart To Heart continues to monitor your Surrogate as the pregnancy continues.

  9. Birth

The happy day comes when your Surrogate gives birth to your child.

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