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Fees & Costs

Surrogate Fees & Costs

Understanding The Cost of Surrogacy 

We have a very convenient payment schedule of 3 payments.
Agency Fee  (Domestic Intended Parents)                    $35,000           
                                                                             $ 5000.  due to Reserve your Surrogate.
                                                                             $15,000. due upon signing our Agency Agreement.
                                                                             $15,000. due upon medical clearance by the Intended Parents clinic.

Agency Fee (International Intended Parents)                 $40,000 (Contact us for details)


Services we provide for above fee:

•Advertisement for surrogates to provide a variety of qualified candidates

•Outside psychological screening

•Criminal background check of surrogate and partner

•Support with travel/accommodations for our out-of-town surrogates and recipient couples

•Referrals to highly qualified doctor's offices.

•Attending doctor's visits, ultrasounds, transfers and procedures

•Arranging initial medical and psychological testing for surrogate

•Liaison between the medical facility and the surrogate as required

•Referrals to experienced lawyers in the field of surrogacy for drafting legal contracts between parties

•Assist to the establishment of an Expense Escrow Account in order to coordinate payment of surrogacy expenses and surrogate's payments

•Assist in obtaining health insurance policy for the surrogate during her pregnancy (if not already in place)

•Ongoing communication with the lawyers during the pregnancy

•Highest level of emotional support, attention and guidance to all parties involved as they progress through each step of the program.

•Weekly check-ins with surrogates

Surrogate Mother Compensation - Starting at $$40,000  (Previous Surrogates earn more)
Payment will begin at the confirmation of fetal heartbeat. Paid to Surrogate on a monthly schedule until delivery with the balance due within 7 days of delivery of your baby.

Surrogate Monthly Misc. Expense - $3,000 
Paid out to surrogate on a monthly schedule. This monthly allowance is for any miscellaneous expenses related to the surrogate arrangement and is intended to cover local (in county) mileage, parking, meals, childcare for medical appointments, postage, faxing, phone calls and over the counter vitamins or supplements. This fee will begin as soon as the surrogate signs her legal contract and will continue until written termination of agreement by either party or after delivery.

Embryo Transfer Fee - $800-$1500
Paid to surrogate and is intended to reimburse her for any lost wages, childcare or housekeeping as a result of bed rest due to the embryo transfer. Paid $400. at the start of injections, $400. Day of embryo transfer.

Maternity Clothing Allowance - $1,000-$2000 (more for multiples) 
This one time fee is to cover maternity clothing needed for surrogate. Usually paid at the beginning of the second trimester (13-16) weeks.

Invasive Procedure - $2500-$3000 (C- section, D&C, etc) 
This fee is to compensate for additional discomfort and recovery time required with Doctor recommended C-Section


Hysterectomy - $5000-$10,000

This fee is if surrogate has a hysterectomy due to pregnancy.

Multiple Gestation Fee - $2500+

This fee is for multiple gestation. If surrogate becomes pregnant with twins or triplets. 

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