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Thank you for your interest in becoming a donor with our Egg Donor Agency. We realize there are many egg donor agencies . But there is only one who specializes in women like you.  Because we focus all of our attention on helping couples find donors who are hard to find, our Intended Parents are seeking women like you.
The Process​

The process of donating is a safe and common procedure, however, it does require a mature and devoted individual. It is our hope to find young women who understand the importance of being a donor and how their decision to donate will assist in helping a couple or single individual to become a parent. So please read through our donor info page and our online donor packet, then if you are still interested in applying to our service, please download our donor packet to begin the process, or you can apply online at the link below.

Being An Egg Donor

Egg donation is used by couples or individuals who

•are unable to conceive or carry a pregnancy to a viable delivery

•are without ovaries due to a medical condition

•have non-functioning ovaries due to premature ovarian failure or cancer treatments.

•have infertility due to poor egg quality or age

•have a genetic condition they do not wish to pass on

The intended parent pays for all the donor's related fees, including medical expenses and travel. They also pay the donor's compensation. Compensation is paid to the donor at the time of retrieval for her time and inconvenience rather than for the eggs.


First Time Donor Compensation starts at $7000.00-$9000.00. Repeat donors can request more.


•Once you are accepted to our services, your profile and photos will be listed on our website as a donor who is available.

•Intended parents will then review our database and select a donor.

•Once selected by intended parents we contact you and inform you the dates the intended parents are requesting.

•If you accept the dates an attorney will draw up contracts between you and the intended parents.

•Once you are cleared by the clinic t(medically and psychologically), he cycle begins which takes about 2-3 months.

Intended Parents pay for medical insurance which covers you for any complcations that may occur due to the egg donation process.

*Once you complete the egg retrieval process you will be paid your compensation.

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