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Intended Parents Process


*View our online database free of charge

*Select a donor.

*We contact donor to confirm her availability.

*Donor accepts the match.

*Donor has first appointment at your clinic for medical and psychological screening.

*The legal contract between you and your donor is drawn and signed.

*Donor starts medications.

*Donor completes her obligation with egg retrieval.

*Donor is paid compensation.

*Embryo transfer to Intended Mother or Surrogate.

    Timeline is about 2 months (Depending on your clinic).

Choosing A Donor

Selecting A Donor

We know how difficult it can be to find an Egg Donor who shares not only your ethnic background, but who also possess the characteristics you desire. We know selecting a donor is a very important decision, therefore  our donor profiles include photographs, intelligence information, genetic and medical history of the donor as well as her family members. The profile also includes the donor's answers to questions about her childhood, hobbies, talents and personality revealing questions. When choosing a donor, of course physical characteristics, are important, but you should also consider educational background, blood type, hobbies and personality. It's a decision that will last a lifetime so take heart to be sure you are at peace with your selection. 

Let's Get Started!

It's now time to find your donor. Complete our short Intended Parent Questionnaire and have immediate access to our online egg donor database.

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